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Softball Team Trading Pins

Thank you for visiting SpiritPins.com. Since 2003 we have made 10,000’s of pins for 100’s of softball teams and would love to help you make custom softball pins this year!

Whether you have been getting trading pins for years, or if this is you first order we try to make the process painless. We will help you design a pin, and let you know what options will work for you, all while staying within your budget. If need pins in a rush, we can get them in as quickly as 4 days.

We have customer support staff standing by to help answer your questions & get your order started. Just call us at 1-888-699-2746 or fill out our free quote form.

About  Softball Pins:

There are really 2 main ways to make trading pins: Either the Economy Iron Soft Enamel Pins, or Photo Printed pins. Both will make a high quality pin, but the design will usually determine which type of pin will work best. For a design with many colors or gradients a Photo pin works best.

The price of both pins is very similar. The main different is the weight and feel of the pins. Die Struck – Soft Enamel pins will be a bit heavier, and have 3D feel to them. Photo printed pins, will be smoother feeling and lighter in weight. About 95% of the team trading pins we make are Iron Soft Enamel.

A photo pin next to a die struck pin

If you are not sure what type of pin you need just give us a call  at 1-888-699-2746 and we will be happy to help you out.

Softball Pin Pricing:

Pin size and pin quantity are the major factors in determining your total price. Most softball teams get around 20-30 pins per player. So if you have 10 girls on the team it will about 200-300 pins needed. For trading pins we recommend getting at least 1.50″ or larger. At this size you can get the player numbers. If you go over 2.00″ we may be able to fit the players names depending on the design. You can also add a variety of options in order to make the pins more valuable during the pin trading events.

Soft Enamel Trading Pin Prices*

Soft Enamel Pin Prices*

*Trading pin prices may adjust during June and July busy season. Order early to lock in your price!

*Trading pin prices may adjust during June and July busy season. Order early to lock in your price!

Softball Pin Options:

There are many ways you can make your team trading pins more valuable to the other teams. We offer many add-ons that make your pin really stand out, from sparkly glitter, to a fun bobble head, we can make a unique pin that everyone will want.

  • Glitter – Starting at $0.10 per pin.
  • Stones / Jewels – Starting at $0.10 per stone.
  • Spinners – Starting at $0.50 per pin.
  • Sliders –  Starting at $0.50 per pin.
  • Danglers – Starting at $0.50 per pin.
  • BobbleHeads – Starting at $0.99 per pin.
  • Blinkers / Blinking Lights –  Starting at $0.99 per pin.
  • Puzzle Pins – Please Call

In addition to the premium options we also have rubber clutches available at no extra charge, as well as a variety of plating options.

Please fill out a quote form to get your softball pins started.

If there is something you are looking for and do not see it on our site, please contact us or call us at 1-888-699-6746 and let us know what you need.