Soft Enamel Pins

Soft Enamel Pins

Choose soft enamel pins from for a classic, textured finish that brings your team's logo and colors to life with vibrant detail and depth. Our soft enamel pins are not only cost-effective but also durable, making them a popular choice for sports teams looking to make a lasting impression at tournaments and events. With, you benefit from expert design guidance, fast turnaround times, and free shipping, ensuring your custom pins are crafted to perfection and delivered on time for your important events

Why Do I Need Soft Enamel Pins Pins?

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Soft Enamel Lapel Pins are Die Struck Lapel Pins that have the recessed areas filled with soft enamel paint to enhance your design.  This process is also referred to as Soft Enamel Cloisonné.

After the Copper Base Metal has been struck with the die, soft enamel lapel pins are filled with enamel paints. The pins are fired at low heat to seal the colors and provide a luster appearance.· soft enamel lapel pins are perfect for simple designs of colors that need to be clearly separated. The combination of brass, silver or gold metals and vivid colors, make for reasonably priced lapel pins, and an excellent choice for your event. Another option with the soft enamel lapel pins is to apply an epoxy dome finish for extra durability and a finished appearance.

Advantages of Soft Enamel Lapel Pins (when used with color paint also known as Soft Enamel Cloissione):

  • Raised Metal Finish and Recessed Metal Colors allows the most accurate of reproduction of simple designs
  • Metals available include Gold, Antique Gold, Silver and Black Nickel
  • Recessed areas can be filled with Soft Enamel Paint - also known as Soft Enamel Cloisonne
  • Cut Out Shapes Available and can emphasize text and logos
  • Best used for designs that have clearly separated colors and relatively simple designs
  • Single color background soft enamel paint filled in the recessed areas combined with highly polished raised areas accentuates artwork
  • Epoxy Dome Finish available for Soft Enamel Lapel Pins give a ·finished· high-class look and durability
  • Glitter Paint can be applied for a spectacular look ! Glitter Colors available are RED, GREEN, ORANGE, BLUE, PINK, GOLD, SILVER and MULTI-COLORED

Soft Enamel Trading Pin Prices *

Soft Enamel
5pc Smpl

Features and Benefits of Custom Soft Enamel Lapel Pins:

  • Pantone color matching
  • Cut-out shapes and tooling available
  • Simple outlines of logos standout well
  • Tooling (cut-outs) can emphasize text or logos
  • Raised areas are highly polished
  • Epoxy Finish can be applied over the pin for a polished off effect

Manufacturing Process

How Are Soft Enamel Lapel Pins Made?

  1. A die is cut to the image of your design (repeat orders save on this step!!).
  2. First, your image is stamped on the sheet of copper. Copper is a softer metal and allows a sharper image.
  3. Second, the pins are cut out to the outline of the design shape.
  4. Plating is done next: for these types of pins the most common is gold on gold, but other metal plating such as silver, antique bronze, and black oxidize are available.
  5. The raised metal surfaces are then highly polished to a luster finish, while recessed areas are filled with colored paint, or can be textured with a sandblasted look (matte).
  6. All items are inspected twice before delivery: once at the factory, and again by our sales staff before shipping.

What are the Advantages of Die Struck Soft Enamel Lapel Pins?

  • A die struck soft enamel lapel pin provides a unique and elegant look
  • Die Struck Soft Enamel lapel pins can be made into custom shapes
  • They have a medium to high perceived value
  • Available in several different metal plating colors
  • They are the best choice for service and years of service pins.

Features and Benefits of Die Struck Soft Enamel Lapel Pins:

  • Is an excellent choice for price and quality
  • Uses raised and recessed metals to depict the design
  • Recessed areas are sandblasted for a textured look
  • Raised areas can be highly polished
  • Cut out shapes can be used to emphasize text and logo
  • All of our lapel pins are individually poly bagged.

Your Idea

Free Design

Finished Product

Pin Enhancements


Adding glitter to your custom trading pins can enhance their appearance and make them stand out in any event. The sparkle of glitter catches the light and draws attention, ensuring that your team’s pins are both seen and remembered. 

Opt for glitter enhancements from to give your pins a vibrant, eye-catching finish that truly reflects your team’s spirit and pride.

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Glow Enamel

Incorporating glow enamel into your custom trading pins can give them a unique edge, making them visible and striking even in low-light conditions. The luminescent quality of glow enamel ensures your pins catch eyes during evening events or in darker settings. 

Choose glow enamel from to add a memorable and distinctive feature that enhances your pins' visibility and appeal at night or indoors.

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Adding crystals to your custom trading pins brings a touch of sparkle that immediately grabs attention. Crystals bring a luxurious touch, catching the light with every turn and adding a premium look to your team's emblem

Choose to incorporate crystals into your design, making your trading pins not only a symbol of pride but also a striking piece of artistry that stands out in any setting.

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Translucent Enamel

Adding translucent enamel to your custom trading pins offers a subtle, glass-like finish that enhances the depth and complexity of your design. This feature allows for a unique interplay of light and color, making your pins stand out with a refined look. 

Opt for translucent enamel from to give your trading pins an elegant and distinctive appearance that captures attention at every glance.

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Pearl Enamel

Adding pearl enamel to your custom trading pins provides a sophisticated shimmer that enriches the overall aesthetic. This finish imparts a gentle, iridescent sheen that changes subtly with the light, adding an element of luxury to your design

Choose pearl enamel from to elevate your trading pins with a touch of classic elegance that truly sets them apart.

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Thermal Enamel

Incorporating thermal enamel into your custom trading pins adds an interactive element, as the color changes in response to temperature fluctuations. This dynamic feature brings a playful and engaging aspect to your pins, making them a topic of conversation and intrigue at events. 

Opt for thermal enamel from to transform your trading pins into memorable, eye-catching pieces that evolve with their environment.

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Adding a blinker to your custom trading pin introduces an eye-catching flashing light that instantly draws attention and enhances visibility. This dynamic feature is perfect for making your pins stand out in crowded events, ensuring they capture the interest of onlookers. 

Choose to add a blinker from to give your trading pins a vibrant, animated effect that boosts interaction and appeal.

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Photo Inserts

Adding a photo insert to your custom trading pin personalizes your design with a unique touch, allowing you to showcase team logos, photos, or any specific imagery directly on the pin. This feature makes your pins highly distinctive and memorable, providing a personal connection that enhances the value of each pin. 

Opt for a photo insert from to transform your trading pins into cherished keepsakes that capture and preserve special moments or achievements.

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Two Tone Metal

Incorporating two-tone metal into your custom trading pins adds a layer of sophistication and visual interest, blending two distinct metal finishes to create a striking, elegant look. This design technique enhances the depth and complexity of your pins, making the details pop and giving them a premium appearance. 

Choose two-tone metal from for your trading pins to achieve a luxurious and dynamic aesthetic that stands out in any collection.

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Sandblasting Recessed

Adding recessed sandblasting to your custom trading pins creates a textured contrast, enhancing the intricate details of your design with a matte finish that complements shiny elements. This technique provides a subtle depth that emphasizes the craftsmanship of your pin, making it more visually engaging and tactile. 

Opt for recessed sandblasting from to give your trading pins a refined and sophisticated appearance that highlights the artistry of your design.

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Adding cutouts to your custom trading pins introduces an element of dimension and intricacy, creating eye-catching patterns and shapes that enhance the overall design. This feature allows for a dynamic interplay of space and form, making your pins more distinct and memorable. For example, a baseball diamond cutout can add a thematic depth to a pin designed for a baseball team, providing a unique, artistic touch that sets it apart at any event or gathering.

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Adding 3D elements to your custom trading pins brings your designs to life with stunning depth and realism. This feature creates a tactile experience, allowing viewers to feel the contours and textures, enhancing the visual impact of your pins. 

Opt for 3D enhancements from to transform your trading pins into miniature works of art that capture attention and evoke admiration from onlookers.

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Screen Printing

Adding screen printing to your custom trading pins allows for precise application of intricate designs and vibrant colors that are difficult to achieve with standard enameling. This method ensures your pins feature clear, detailed graphics that can include fine text or complex logos, enhancing their visual appeal. 

Choose screen printing from for a high-quality finish that makes your trading pins stand out with sharp, eye-catching details.

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Adding an epoxy coating to your custom trading pins not only enhances their durability but also gives them a smooth, glossy finish that protects the underlying design from fading and wear. This clear protective layer adds depth to the appearance of the pin, making colors appear more vibrant and details more defined. 

Opt for an epoxy finish from to ensure your trading pins maintain their aesthetic appeal and withstand the test of time during frequent trading and handling.

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Adding a dangler to your custom trading pin introduces a dynamic element that enhances its visual and tactile appeal. Danglers are attached via a small ring, allowing them to move freely, which catches the eye and adds an interactive component to the pin. For instance, a baseball team might add a dangling baseball to their pin to emphasize their sport and add a playful, thematic touch that resonates with players.

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Adding a slider to your custom trading pin introduces a unique, interactive feature that enhances the visual dynamism of the pin. Sliders move along a track within the pin's design, allowing parts of the pin to shift position when tilted or moved, which can simulate action or add an element of surprise. For example, incorporating a slider that allows a hockey puck to move across the pin can bring an energetic feel to the design, making it a standout piece at any trading event or sports gathering.

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Adding a spinner to your custom trading pin creates an interactive element that enhances the visual appeal and engagement of your pin. This feature allows a section of the pin to rotate freely, providing an eye-catching movement that draws attention and curiosity. 

Add a spinner from to bring a dynamic and fun twist to your trading pins, making them standout pieces in any trade event.

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Adding a bobble to your custom trading pin introduces a playful, kinetic element that captures attention and delights viewers. This feature consists of a movable part attached by a spring, which wobbles with movement, adding a dynamic and interactive aspect to your pin design. 

Incorporate a bobble into your trading pins from to give them a fun, engaging twist that makes your pins more memorable and sought after at events and gatherings.

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