Lapel Pin Designs

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Take a look at some of our other projects. You can click on any of the below images for a larger view and a slideshow will start to play.

We often use these images as a reference when creating a new design. If you see a pin that matches the theme of what you are looking for, tell us. This will help convey your desired trading pin design. Remember: FREE ART and NO DIE Charges over 500 pins.

Email us your artwork today with our free quote form.

Most Sports Trading Pins are between 1.75 inches and 2.5 inches in size.

Larger Sizes of Custom Pins between 2.0 inches and above are large enough to accommodate Players Names or Numbers on the pin.

Larger Sized Pins will sometimes require 2 posts/pins and clutches on the backside of the pin.

Most pins used for Trading are either Photo Etched Style or Die Struck Style.

Iron Die Struck Pins are most economical and allow for detailed and colorful artwork.

Die Struck pins are thicker and have raised and recessed portions of the metal.

Click Here to visit our Die Struck Page.

You can read about the Die Struck Process and view the pricing chart.

Some Trading Pin designs are better suited for the Photo Process.

Photo pins are also quicker to manufacture.

So if you are in a RUSH, a Photo pin may be your best choice.

Click Here to visit our Photo Dome Page

You can read about the Photo Dome Process and view the pricing chart.