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Custom Spirit Pins

Trusted By Thousands Of Teams Since 2003!

We strive to bring your team’s logo or mascot to life with Custom Lapel Pins, Baseball Pins, Custom Medallions, Trading Coins, Buttons, Sports Lapel Pins, Sports Pins, Softball Pins, Volleyball Pins, Soccer Pins, Cheerleading Pins, Dance and Drill Pins, Lacrosse Pins, Cooperstown Pins, Football Pins, Sports Awards and other Spirit Products.

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Our graphic art department is here to help you! Visit our Gallery of Trading Pins. We will turn your idea or concept into a fabulous design to ensure success at your next promotional event. Our Custom Pins are unique to each team and tournament.

Our prices are factory direct to guarantee unbeatable savings. Spirits Pins customer service, professionalism, and quality custom lapel pins and spirit products are sure to earn your teams business. Please contact us for more information and samples. Rush Orders Available!

Soft Enamel Pin Prices*

*Trading pin prices may adjust during June and July busy season. Order early to lock in your price!

*Trading pin prices may adjust during June and July busy season. Order early to lock in your price!

Trading Sport Pins is a Great Tradition

Tournament Lapel Pins are becoming very popular with the Youth and Adults sports enthusiasts. Custom pins are a unique way to create sports memorable moment that will last a lifetime.

Team Pins are now being traded amongst sports tournament participants all over the world. First made popular by Disney & The Olympics, the youth sports tournament industry has embraced the tradition of  trading pins at sports and all-star tournament competitions worldwide.

Trading your custom lapel team pins with other tournament players is an exceptional experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Each custom pin has its own story to remember the tournament experience. Trading Pins at sports tournaments creates a wonderful “ice breaker” that leads to meetings, conversations, stories and friendships, with other participants that you would probably not meet at the tournament without trading lapel pins.

As you trade your custom pins for another sports team pins, friendships and bonds of the tournament become memories that last a lifetime. The experience of trading your team pins is as important as the experience of meeting new people from different areas of the world, country or region, different backgrounds and sports abilities. During the tournament trading time particular sports team pins will become as sought-after as a Pro Sports Autograph! Most team pins are traded one-for-one with another player.

The More Outrageous Your Pin The More It’s Worth

Uniquely designed pins, lapel pins with danglers, pins with specialty items, lapel pins with glitter paint or glow-in-the-dark-paint, pins with blinking lights, and lapel pins with spinners make your team pins more popular to trade.

Pins can range on the small size of about a half an inch to larger more popular sizes of 2.0 inches and larger. Lapel Pins with Danglers are separate pins attached with a ring to the main top lapel pins and range in size from 0.5 inch to 1.0 inch. Popular custom pins danglers are small cut-out shapes of the team state, baseballs, softballs, baseball bats, softball bats, hockey pins, football pins, cheerleading pins and dance pom-poms. Some dangler lapel pins will add text to the dangler pins such as the year, like 2003 or 2004, to the dangler lapel pins.

As tournament rankings increase and teams begin to advance to the next level of tournament play their team pins will become more popular for trading. The more popular team pins to trade are sometimes even traded two pins or three pins or more for your one team lapel pins!

The more popular the trading lapel pins is, the more valuable it become in a players collection of pins and the more they will be willing to “give” more pins to “get” a popular, unique or winning team’s pins!

If you can’t find what you are searching for on our web site; just ask for it and we will find it. When it comes to product sourcing, the Sky’s the Limit with Promotional Products from SpiritPins. Our focus has always been, and will continue to be: offering our customers great service, competitive pricing and a wide range of custom made and designed spirit products.

Need Custom Pins Quickly? 4 Day Production!

Dome Quick Pins only come in stock sizes for FASTER production. 1.50″ & 2.00″ circles & squares.

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4 Day Deluxe Baseball Quick Pins:

Custom Mold Stock Shape Dome Pins only come in stock molds for FASTER production.

4 Day Production1003005001000