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SpiritPins Satisfaction Guarantee

SpiritPins.com Decoration and Product Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

SpiritPins.com guarantees to replace any order for promotional items, lapel pins or gifts placed with our company, at our expense for any imprinting mistake that has occurred due to our negligence or error. This extends to our factory as well.

To ensure that mistakes don’t happen we have a stringent proofing process in which the customer approves the artwork and design before the manufacturing process begins.

Wholesome product only will be imprinted and delivered as such, without strategic defect in the promotional product or the order will be replaced entirely at our expense. Since we have to treat a re-order as a new order, it can take 20-45 days for your new pins to arrive.

The ONLY exception to the above is when a given small percentage of the total order is misprinted or defective. In this case we will credit back or refund the customer for that given quantity of product in full. We will give this partial refund within 14 days of your request, after we review and approve your claim.

In order to have a quality control claim started, please call us or use our contact form, and we will address your problem quickly.

SpiritPins.com will continue to supply the highest quality promotional products to our customers and strive to serve them to a level of 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Thank you for your Business